You are misusing your iPhone – easy hacks increase your battery life by HOURS

If your iPhone keeps dying, you should try these tricks to preserve battery life.

Compared to older models, the lithium-ion batteries in today’s iPhones are impressive, but barely last forever.


There are several hacks that can help your iPhone not lose battery lifeCredit: Getty

Luckily, there are several ways to maximize your device’s juice.

Reduce iPhone Brightness

One of the main causes of battery drain is the brightness of your iPhone screen.

You’ll want to make sure it’s not on at full brightness.

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Some experts suggest keeping the screen brightness between 65% and 70%, as this can save you a lot of power (assuming it’s a comfortable level for your eyes).

Just swipe your fingers up and down on your home screen and you should see the brightness slider.

Don’t fully charge your iPhone

Studies have shown that charging your iPhone’s lithium-ion battery to 100% damages it.

This in turn reduces its lifespan, giving you fewer charges overall.

Although the data varies on what percentage you should be aiming for, the general consensus in this case seems to be the lower the better.

Many seem to think that 80% is the number to aim for when charging your phone because going higher requires its battery to use a higher voltage.

Switch to Wi-Fi instead of data

If Wi-Fi is an option, always choose it over your phone data.

Not only does this save your data (and potentially money if you have a data plan), but it also uses a lot less battery.

Wi-Fi, in general, is also more reliable than data, resulting in less buffering and faster load times.

Use battery optimization features

New versions of the iOS system offer tools that optimize the battery life of your smartphone.

Some of these tools include effective battery saving modes, which you can access in Settings > Battery.

Keep your iPhone cool

The last thing you’ll want to do to preserve your iPhone battery is to keep it cool as often as possible.

This will not only help maintain battery life, but will also improve the overall functionality and longevity of your iPhone.

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For charging, in particular, it might look like keeping the iPhone in a well-ventilated place, or maybe even taking it out of its case while it’s charging.

Additionally, you’ll want to avoid putting your phone on hot dashboards or under your pillow while you sleep.

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