Withings ScanWatch comes with 30 days of battery life, ECG, Sp02 starting at $ 279



Withings has finally launched its latest smartwatch, the Withings ScanWatch in the United States. The watch was already available on the European market, but it has only just arrived on American soil. The new smartwatch has awesome features like 30 days long battery life, and it can also track things like ECG, SP02, sleep tracking, heart rate and more Again.

Withings has always focused on more traditional wristwatches with analog dials and carefully hidden smart features. The design of the Withings ScanWatch comes with a stainless steel case, and there is also a physical crown on the right side. The glass is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal display and it’s water resistant to 50 meters, which means it can even survive some dives.

Although the ScanWatch comes with an analog design, it contains a small PMOLED display on the top that can show the heart rate or activity being tracked at a certain point in time. It provides a quick glance and a quick info panel to help you know what’s going on and what’s being tracked. The smartphone app will show more detailed information and allow you to change the settings as desired.

The ScanWatch also comes with additional new features such as ECG monitoring and SpO2 tracking. There are also traditional health monitoring sensors such as heart rate, sleep tracking, automatic activity detection and more. The watch can also detect breathing disorders, and the app can also show how to reduce certain sounds and improve sleep.

Withings ScanWatch will cost $ 279.95 for the 38mm version, while the 42mm will set you back $ 299.95. The watch itself has a total of four models, two for each size in white and silver and black and silver. You can buy the ScanWatch on Amazon or directly from Withings.

Withings ScanWatch connected watch stock

Withings ScanWatch


The Withings ScanWatch comes in three different colors and styles, and it has a traditional analog watch design. It can track your heart rate, activities, sleep, and ECG.