Tips to extend your battery, getty images

Manage your notifications

If your iPhone notifies you every few minutes of the latest news headlines, weather alerts, sports scores, retail discounts, game updates, and more, take note: these notifications consume power. battery whenever they light up on your screen. You can save your iPhone battery by only allowing certain apps to send notifications and limiting the frequency.

In Settings, select Notifications. If your phone is running iOS 15 or later (and if you followed our first tip, it should be), the first setting at the top of the screen will be Scheduled Digest. Enable this option to select a time when you want all your non-emergency notifications to be delivered in a digest each day. You’ll still receive text messages, calls, and urgent notifications (like scheduled meetings) as they arrive, but the scheduled digest will reduce the otherwise continuous stream of iPhone Notifications.

Further down the screen, you can manually adjust notification settings for each app. Tap the arrow next to any app listed to change when, where, and how its notifications can appear on your iPhone.

You can also place your phone face down when not in use; it won’t stop notifications from coming, but they won’t light up your screen every time.

Airdrop and Bluetooth on, getty images

Use Bluetooth and AirDrop wisely

Bluetooth is great for connecting to wireless devices, and AirDrop is useful when sharing files. But neither needs to be on all the time, and both consume battery power when they are. Also, some apps try to use your Bluetooth connectivity to track your location. To completely disable Bluetooth, go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Turn the toggle to the off position. Just be careful doing this; you may find that your Apple Car Play or Apple Watch suddenly isn’t working as expected.

To see which apps are using Bluetooth and to limit their ability to do so, open Settings. Tap Privacy, then select Bluetooth. Disable Bluetooth for any apps you don’t want to use the technology.