Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra battery life results – here’s how it stacks up

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has one of the biggest batteries you can get in a phone at 5,000mAh. And it’s the same size as last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra. Based on a more vibrant display and a more capable chip, we hoped the Galaxy S22 Ultra would outperform its predecessor.

According to our tests, this was not the case, but this is not bad news. Since the 120Hz adaptive display can drop down to 1Hz, we didn’t see as much endurance as expected with adaptive mode enabled on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

For each smartphone, we run the Tom’s Guide battery test to see if a given handset can make our best phone battery life list. The test involves surfing the web on 5G at 150 nits of screen brightness until the battery drains. And you can see the results for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus below, which are quite surprising.

Galaxy S22 Ultra battery life compared to other phones

Model Appropriate battery life (hours:minutes) Battery life 60 Hz (hours: minutes)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 10:02 10:11
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 9:31 10:12
Google Pixel 6 7:46 8:13
Google Pixel 6 Pro 7:43 7:46
iPhone 13 Pro Max 12:16 N / A
iPhone 13 Pro 11:42 N / A
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 9:22 9:52
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 9:50 am 10:15
OnePlus 9 Pro 11:44 10:28

The Galaxy S22 Ultra lasted a good but not great time of 10 hours 11 minutes in 60Hz mode and 10:02 in adaptive mode, where the display can scale up to 120Hz but down to 1Hz. These results are surprising as they’re roughly the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra (10:15/9:50), and we were hoping for efficiency gains from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. at 10Hz.

As for the Galaxy S22 Plus, it does quite well given that it has a smaller battery than the Galaxy S21 Plus (4,500 mAh vs. 5,000 mAh). The new S22 Plus lasted 9:31 in adaptive mode and 10:12 in 60Hz mode. In this case, the display drops to 48Hz. The Galaxy S21 Plus lasted 9:22 and 9:52 in adaptive and 60Hz modes, so that’s a pleasant surprise.

The battery life of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus far exceeds that of the latest Google phones. The Pixel 6 Pro maxed out at just 7:46 despite its large 5,000mAh battery, and the regular Pixel 6 maxed out at 8:13 with its 4,614mAh battery.

The bad news is that both of these Samsung flagships followed the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which lasted 12:16. The iPhone 13 Pro also lasted longer at 11:42. (Both of these iPhones have adaptive ProMotion displays, and you can’t manually choose the 60Hz model.) The OnePlus 9 Pro had more battery life than the Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22 Plus with an adaptive display time of 11:44.

The bottom line is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus offer solid battery life, but it’s not as good as we’d hoped. The good news is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers faster 45W charging, so it’s easy to top up quickly.