Poll: How long does your AirTag battery last and look like after almost a year since launch?

Apple unveiled its smart object tracker last April. After almost a year, how is your AirTag holding up so far? Is it badly scratched or do you already need to replace its battery?

Apple Airtag launched nearly a year ago at Apple’s Spring Loaded event. It features a small circular design with a white finish on the front and a stainless steel back. Users in certain markets can personalize the AirTag with emoji, numbers and letters.

The accessory can be attached to any item in order to track it using the Find My app, although users will likely need to purchase one leather keychain or the AirTag loop to keep the product in an article.

One of the biggest features of the AirTag is UWB functionality, which Apple calls “Precision Search”. This feature enables precise location when searching for a nearby lost object, including haptic feedback. Not only that, but the accessory can make a sound so you can locate it.

Over the past year, the AirTag has generated a lot of controversy because it could be used to stalk someone. 9to5Mac covered several stories about this issue, and while Apple has tried to fix many of them, there’s only so much a company can do when it releases an item tracker.

From the beginning, Apple has always said that the AirTag is recommended for products like keys, earphones, wallets and bags, while it’s not supposed to track people or even a pet, because it can’t show real-time location.

In our review, we praised the item tracker, although there are still some features that we hope Apple will bring to the product as of this writing:

When it comes to AirTag, its biggest drawback is that it is not possible to share your items with other people. (…) That means you can’t let your partner find your keys or keep track of your luggage or any other scenario you can imagine. I would also like to see an option to enable a more active “tether” between the iPhone and the AirTag. For some items, I want to be notified as soon as the AirTag goes out of Bluetooth range. This could be useful at an airport for example, so you can be notified immediately if you forgot to bring your hand luggage with you. We’ll have to wait and see how aggressive Apple is in iterating on the AirTag’s capabilities with software updates.

Personally, I use the AirTag on my key fob, travel bags and my AirPods Pro for almost a year. All batteries are working well, with about 80% capacity. On the other hand, most of them are completely scratched thanks to their stainless steel backs.

the leather keychain also hold very well, as well as the yellow buckle. On the other hand, the white loop of my luggage is very dirty, as most white Apple products have become after a year.

What do you think of your Airtag after almost a year? Do you ever need to replace its battery? Did you find this useful? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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