Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch Battery Life Test: Not Even a Contest

It would be difficult to test the two watches side-by-side under the same circumstances, since you’re working with two fundamentally different operating systems. As it happens, I wanted to stack the game in Google’s favor, so during my time with the watch, I mostly used the Apple Watch for things like step-by-step instructions, checking the time, and using of applications. The Pixel Watch was just there for the ride.

In fact, the Pixel 7, by design, only had one of my email accounts installed and only a few apps installed, so it intentionally received fewer notifications than the Apple Watch. I never used either watch to stream media, but I did occasionally use the Apple Watch to receive a call. Both watches tracked my sleep, and both watches tracked the few workouts I actually did.

All this to say that I have never come close to encountering the same conditions that Google claims the watch can last 24 hours under. Simply put, under these conditions, the Pixel Watch should have beaten the Apple Watch easily. This is especially true given that the Apple Watch is only advertised as having “all day” battery life which Apple interprets as 18 hours. It should have been a simple test. It was not.