OPPO adds Color Vision Enhancement and Battery Health Engine for ColorOS 12

In OppoAs part of its continuous journey of finding innovative technologies, the company will add two new features to ColorOS 12Improved color vision and battery health engine Software. Although there’s no release date yet, here’s what we know about the two new features in ColorOS 12.

The color vision enhancement feature is quite simple, as it is a feature that visually impaired users can use. OPPO said that this feature offers up to 766 display profiles and color-blind users can customize their visual display accordingly. On the other hand, the Battery Health Engine has been designed to increase the overall battery life and health of the phone.


According to OPPO, this technology is able to maintain the phone’s battery at 80% even after up to 1600 charge and discharge cycles throughout its life. The Battery Health Engine is compatible with the company’s proprietary SuperVOOC flash charging technology.

Finally, OPPO is also working towards sustainable technology with its 3R+1D principles. This includes reducing packaging weight, reusing recycled materials, and using recyclable and biodegradable materials in its packaging. So far, the company has achieved:

  • 24% reduction in the amount of packaging used for its smartphone products
  • Ensure that 45% of packaging is made from recycled fibres.
  • Reduced by 95% for all the plastic used in the packaging of its product smartphone


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