NI Launches Latest Battery Test System to Improve Safety and Performance of Electric Vehicles

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NI (NASDAQ: NATI) today announced the release of its latest Battery Test System (BTS) for electric vehicle (EV) testing. The system is designed to help Tier 1 automotive suppliers and manufacturers scale to the complexity and scale of electric vehicle battery testing through enhanced customization, automation and data connection on the entire battery testing workflow to ensure performance and accelerate time to market.

Batteries are at the heart of the transition to electrification and have a direct impact on durability, safety, performance and, therefore, consumer acceptance of electric vehicles. However, EV battery testing puts tremendous strain on engineering resources, as design and test groups must continually upgrade and adapt to new testing requirements.

NI’s BTS enables testing scalability by providing an out-of-the-box experience for battery testing workflows, along with the ability to customize to fit a variety of testing roles and needs. This software-connected system is ideally positioned to integrate components for battery testing such as power electronics, environmental chambers, measurements and large-scale test channels. It facilitates the coordination of activities between design and test teams to request, configure, execute, monitor, and report test results that inform critical design changes.

“Automakers are investing heavily to meet EV deadlines, which has placed an increased emphasis on testing to ensure this technology meets both time commitments and consumer safety expectations,” said Jon. Denhof, Senior Director of Supply Management, Electrification. “NI’s BTS combines decades of test and measurement experience with our powerful software to enable automakers to test their batteries at scale, within budget and at the pace of market demands.

With its recent acquisition of NH Research Inc. (NHR), Heinzinger Automotive GmbH, and Kratzer Automation, NI’s global capabilities for EV battery testing provide automakers with a cross-functional and scalable network of products, services, and solutions to meet the current and future EV market. requests. In addition, NI’s SystemLink™ software, BTS software, and data analysis tools work together to provide traceability of test results, repeatability of the tests themselves, and management of overall system operation. test cell and test lab, ultimately bringing modern software engineering tools and practices into the test farm.

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