Mumbai: BEST Fleet Electric Bus Battery Condition Improvement Project | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Nunam Technologies won WRI India’s ‘Better e-bus challenge’ in partnership with Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BETTER) company in Mumbai to implement a battery management system for its fleet of electric buses.
The Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) system will monitor real-time battery health and performance in electric buses on the road. This contributes to the operational optimization and safety of electric buses, passengers and operators.
Mumbai boasts of having the largest fleet of electric buses in the country, with 386 electric buses. BEST plans to increase this fleet to more than 2,000 in one year and 10,000 in five years.
The Better e-bus challenge is the world’s first acceleration program for electric buses. “It serves as a platform for entrepreneurs, component manufacturers, technology and service providers, and transit agencies to develop and co-create solutions to accelerate the deployment of e-buses,” said one. Head of WRI.
BEST Managing Director, Lokesh Chandra said, “The deployment of any new technology is faced with start-up issues. The Better e-bus platform will benefit public transport companies looking to procure and deploy e-bus in their respective cities.”
Another winner, Microgrid Laboratories, will work with Bengaluru Municipal Transport Corporation (BMTC) in Bengaluru. Their solution will support planning and analysis, automation and optimization of the charging process and vehicle dispatch.
CEO of WRI India, OP Agarwal said, “The Challenge process at WRI India is based on a results-based approach – allowing innovators to present a variety of solutions, to different stakeholders, which can be customized for meet the specific needs of the city.