iPhone 13 Pro Max beats Galaxy S22 Ultra, trails leader in battery tests

. Galaxy S22 Ultra data sheet A clear advantage in both the amount of mAh and the specifications of the screen. That is, there is 5,000 mA from a Samsung phone versus 4,352 Amps estimated by Apple’s device. Additionally, the screen’s variable refresh rate, which starts at 1Hz on the South Korean manufacturer’s device, may affect the robustness of the feature.

On the other hand, practice has not confirmed what the specifications promised. On the contrary, the only task in which the phones showed similar performance was the standby task, where the smartphones had the same duration. However, in tasks ranging from simple use to more intense activities, iPhone 13 Pro Max It was always ahead.

As an example of the tasks performed, it is worth mentioning the first task, which is a 60-minute call. while the iPhone 13 Pro Max only dropped by one point in battery percentage, the Galaxy S22 Ultra Six lost. Last year, the S21 Ultra outperformed this year’s model.

After losing in the dispute over the video display, the battery of the South Korean giant’s device has also fallen behind in terms of games. Toy Alto Adventure It was able to show a difference minus nine points of battery from Iphone Compared to 17% of the percentage lost in the Galaxy. This identified a significant difference in cell phone battery life.

With information from Phonebuff (1 And the of them)