iOS 15.4 update ruins battery life: iPhone users

Apple’s most anticipated new iOS 15.4 release is badly affecting the battery life of phones, users complain.

Tech giant Apple rolled out its new iOS 15.4 updates this week. The new update included 37 new emojis, a gender-neutral voice for Apple’s smart assistant, Siri, and the ability to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask.

According to Daily mailMany users downloaded the latest iOS as soon as it was released, but many complained that the new version severely affects their phone’s battery life.

An iPhone user tweeted that iOS 15.4 battery drain is “absolutely ridiculous”, why can’t Apple ever get the builds right the first time. he added that his phone’s battery dropped by 5% in less than 10 minutes after downloading the update.

Another user tweeted the picture of his phone drastically draining battery right after downloading the new version of iOS.

Another iPhone user tweeted that his battery drained so quickly after updating his iOS to 15.4.

Several frustrated users have taken to Twitter to discuss their iPhone battery life issues after the iOS 15.4 update

“Installing a new operating system on an iPhone triggers a lot of background tasks, from indexing to battery recalibration, and it can take hours or even days,” said Adrian Kingsley -Hughes, researcher at ZDNet.

Kingsley added: “Not only does this consume power, but recalibrating the battery can make the battery appear to be draining faster when in fact it is not.”

He advised you to do a battery health check if your iPhone battery keeps draining several days after the new update.