Huawei’s new runner-focused smartwatch has 2-week battery life

Jimmy Westenberg/Android Authority


Huawei’s latest smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT Runner, is aimed at serious runners. It has an improved heart rate sensor and advanced training features for athletes. It will launch this quarter for €299. It should not be launched in the United States.

Huawei targets professional runners with its new smart watch, the Huawei Watch GT Runner. It’s not technically a new smartwatch – it was launched last December in Russia and a few Asia-Pacific countries – but now it’s making its way to global markets.

You can think of the Huawei Watch GT Runner as a focused runner Huawei Watch GT 3. It has the same two-week battery life (eight days with heavy use), supports over 100 workout modes, all day. SpO2 monitoring, and an AI-driven running trainer.

The GT Runner is made of a lightweight composite fiber watch case and weighs just 38.5 grams. Huawei is touting the GT Runner’s new hanging antenna design, which houses the positioning antenna within the case lugs. Because there is no interference from the metal in the watch case, Huawei claims that the performance of the GPS antenna has been improved by 135%” compared to traditional [GPS antenna] designs.

Speaking of which, the Huawei Watch GT Runner features dual band GPS Support. It is compatible with all five major navigation systems – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS – although it cannot connect to all of them at the same time like the Coros Vertix 2.

Huawei Watch GT Runner in hand heart rate sensor

Jimmy Westenberg/Android Authority

The new watch comes with Huawei’s TruSeen 5.0 Plus heart rate sensor, the same as the GT 3. When we tested the Huawei Watch GT 3’s heart rate sensor, we found it to be quite accurate compared to competing watches, although it was a bit short compared to the Apple Watch Series 6. However, we haven’t tested the specific sensor on the GT Runner, so we’ll save our verdict for our full review.

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Before Garmin bought Firstbeat Analytics in 2020, some Huawei smartwatches used Firstbeat’s algorithms to power its training features. This has been replaced by Huawei’s own TruSport analytics in the Huawei Watch GT Runner.

The coolest new feature powered by TruSport Analytics is the Running Ability Index (RAI). Based on historical heart rate, pace, distance and other data, the Huawei Watch GT Runner will give you a running ability index score to show you where you are in your training. You’ll get workout suggestions based on your score, along with other familiar workout information such as estimated recovery times, anaerobic/aerobic load, VO2 max, and race time forecasts.

Huawei Watch GT Runner vo2 max training index

Huawei’s AI Running Coach returns to the GT Runner. You can create personalized training plans in the Huawei Health app, and the running coach will adjust your plan based on your running progress over time. It can also determine what stage of training you are in (basic, lifting, consolidation or reduction) to help you train at the right pace.

Huawei also claims that the GT Runner can monitor for premature signs of AFib and sleep apnea. However, the company probably won’t seek CE or FDA clearance for either function, so it’s best not to treat the GT Runner as a medical device. We contacted Huawei for clarification.

This is a Huawei smartwatch, so you’ll probably recognize some of the other smart features available on the GT Runner. It comes with enough storage for around 500 songs, although it’s not compatible with any popular streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music. It supports smartphone notifications and Bluetooth call support through the built-in speaker and microphone.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is compatible with Android and iOS phones and features Huawei’s Celia voice assistant. However, we have encountered region-locked functionality with previous Huawei Watches, so depending on your paired smartphone and your location, your mileage may vary.

Watch Huawei GT Runner

Watch Huawei GT Runner

THE Huawei watch for runners

If you’re a runner, the Huawei Watch GT Runner is your best bet in Huawei’s lineup of smartwatches. It has an improved heart rate sensor, dual-band GNSS, advanced training features and a two-week battery life.

Huawei remains silent on the availability of its new watch. It will arrive at some point in Q1 2022 in various parts of Europe, LATAM and North America (no US launch planned). It’ll cost €299 in the UK, although we don’t have any further pricing details at this time. As more information is announced, we will continue to update this article.