How to Fix Your Android Phone’s Low Battery Life

Another easy way to extend your battery life on an Android phone, especially a phone with poor battery life, is to use its built-in Battery-Saver feature. This handy feature pauses many background activities on your phone that can drain the battery. For example, instead of your phone regularly checking a server for your latest email in the background, it will only pull the latest messages when you open the app. It will do this for any apps that normally run in the background, like social media feeds. Battery saver also generally reduces CPU usage, but also performance, which can have its downsides. The upside is greatly improved battery life.

Adaptive Battery is also an important battery saving feature for turning on Android phone. It was introduced in Android 9 and works by applying Google’s smart algorithm technology to learn how you use apps on your phone and adjusts the amount of background activity each app uses accordingly. This is a smart feature designed to help you use your phone without worrying too much about manually adjusting background activity settings. It can take up to two weeks. However, once its deep learning intelligence gets the hang of usage, users often report a significant improvement in battery life.