How to Check Your Chromebook’s Battery Health

Chromebooks have a reputation for being too simple, but you can learn more about your particular Chrome OS machine if you know where to dig. For example, did you know that you can check the battery status of a Chromebook, without any other app and just a few clicks and commands?

This tip is super useful for knowing if your Chromebook’s battery is in its last days, or if its short life is due to you pushing it to its limits. Additionally, you come across the Chrome terminal, the Crosh – an amazing name. There’s also optional algebra involved if you want to see what the results say about the long-term lifespan of your system.

How to Check Your Chromebook’s Battery Health

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + t to open the Crosh.

2. Type “battery test” and press Enter.

3. Here’s your battery health, measured as a percentage out of 100%.

4. If your Chromebook is unplugged, it will run its Battery Drain Test, which checks how much of your battery is draining in 5 minutes.

You can get a speculative battery life estimate (based on the action you perform on the Chromebook) with this result. For example, I plugged 0.69, the result I got, into the following equation:


And got 12.07 hours of battery life. That said, this test does not take into account the actual use of the system.

5. Type “battery_firmware info” into the Crosh and hit enter.

6. Here you will see the maximum battery capacity (design capacity), the capacity of your battery at its last full charge, and the number of battery cycles you have completed.

So if my battery health is at 96.86%, that means I’ve used 3.14% of its total life in those 25 cycles. Then, (96.86/3.14) = (X/25), where X = the number of cycles it will take to deplete the remaining battery health. A simple bit of division and multiplication gives you the answer of approximately 771 cycles remaining in your battery, with a total of 796 charges.

But I wouldn’t count on the long life of a laptop battery once it reaches 400 or more charges. So if you’re planning to sell your Chromebook or buy a used one, you’ll want to run these tests to see how its battery holds up.

Congratulations, you now know a lot more about your Chromebook’s battery life!