How to check the battery life of your smartphone

You can check the battery life of your Android smartphone by following these simple steps.

If you are having trouble with the battery life of your Android smartphone, it may be experiencing critical issues. Some apps might have drained your battery or it might just have aged or deteriorated. However, there are ways to get the most out of your phone’s battery.

According to Apple, “Your iPhone may get slightly warmer while it charges. To extend your battery life, if the battery gets too hot, software may limit the charge above 80 percent.

Similarly, Samsung says to “limit the maximum charge to 85% to protect your phone’s battery life.”

Although Apple offers iPhone users the option to check the battery status in Settings, there is no built-in option in some Android smartphones to do the same. However, we have your back and reveal some hidden truths here. There are different ways to check your battery status, track charging cycles and optimize it too.

Here’s how to check and track the battery status of your Android smartphone

AccuBattery app – AccuBattery is one of the best and most trusted battery tracker apps out there. The app not only shows you the battery status of your smartphone, but also the battery temperature while using the device as well as while charging. The app also displays charging speed, estimated charging time, charging status and charging current.

Samsung smart phone – If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can check your battery status directly in the settings. Open Settings, go to Battery and device care and open Diagnostics. Here you will see your battery health. If your phone is draining battery or lagging then tap on the Optimize button present on the device care page.

OnePlus smart phone – OnePlus also allows its users to check the battery status through the OnePlus Care app. Install the app and tap download. Tap Custom Diagnostics then Battery and tap Start. This will show you a list of details like battery health, charging status and more.

You can improve the battery life of your Android smartphone by following these simple steps:

Step 1:

ALWAYS charge your smartphone up to 80-85% as this is the optimum battery percentage. It ensures that your phone stays properly charged while preventing overcharging.

2nd step:

NEVER store your smartphone in hot places or in direct sunlight.

Step 3:

Use the built-in battery settings to keep track of which apps are draining your battery and close them.

Step 4:

Keep your smartphone’s refresh rate at 60Hz to save battery, turn off always-on display, and enable auto-brightness.

Step 5:

Turn off GPS when not in use and set your screen timeout to 30 seconds to prevent excessive battery drain.

Step 6:

If you have a high-end smartphone that uses an OLED screen, enable dark mode.

What if the battery health is below 80%?

Apple claims that your smartphone performs optimally at up to 80% battery health. If the health drops below 80%, your smartphone is showing you signs of decreasing battery life, such as slow charging, frequent charging, drastic drop in battery life. So if your battery’s health drops below 80%, it might be time to replace it.

Several manufacturers allow battery replacement at their authorized service centers. Recently, Xiaomi announced a battery replacement program in India where Xiaomi and Redmi users can have their smartphone batteries replaced by paying only Rs. 499.