Here’s how to know your iPhone’s ‘battery health’, according to tech experts

How do you know if your iPhone is about to crash, just before you leave the house and need it the most? Simple: Check its battery status for a quick look at its power status so you can figure out if you should charge your phone now or wait a bit. Battery Health is a useful setting, but you need to know how to access it and read its results. Here’s how to find out your iPhone’s battery status, according to tech experts.

Find out the battery status of an iPhone

“Today, the iPhone has become the style statement and a staple in the consumer market because the phone is sleek, rugged and secure,” said William Cannon, CEO and Founder of Uplead. “However, battery backups have been a concern in all iPhone models, despite the fact that Apple has improved its battery capabilities in its recent models. Thus, every user wants to know the battery health of his telephone.

To find out the battery status of an iPhone, Cannon advises users to go to the Settings menu and select the Battery option. “From the battery menu, select ‘Battery Health’ to find the exact battery health in percentage terms,” ​​Cannon explains. “Battery health indicates the actual ability of the battery to store energy, after a certain level of use. Battery health above 80% is considered the best performance.

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iphone battery health


Unfortunately, maintaining the perfect charging zone for your iPhone involves a little more than just plugging your device in and letting it charge for hours or overnight (which you should never do). “iPhone batteries lose a certain amount of storage capacity each time they are charged, and battery health reaches 80 percent after charging it about 400 to 500 times,” Cannon explains. “Additionally, frequent discharging to zero or overcharging can also affect the overall battery life. Thus, users should avoid charging overnight or leaving the phone without charging to zero.

In order to improve your iPhone’s battery performance, Cannon instead recommends that you use the phone only when necessary, keep the phone updated, and close background apps on the phone regularly.