Facing battery issues? Know How to Increase Windows Laptop Battery Life

Having battery issues with your Windows laptop? Here’s the trick to maximizing your laptop’s battery life.

Most people have turned to laptops these days due to their versatile nature. However, laptops have a bad habit of dying just when you need them most. But, if you are careful, you can manage your laptop battery life and make it last all day and not only that, increase its battery life. Often the user is to blame – the extra power consumption can be caused by heating issues due to poorly ventilated environment or, you have too many tasks and tabs open at the same time and the same stays the same 24h/ 24 and 7/7. All of these factors also add stress to your Windows laptop battery. And with the extended work-from-home routine due to the global pandemic, laptops are hardly ever turned off. So what’s the solution for your short day-to-day as well as long-term laptop battery life? Small tricks and changes in laptop battery charging habits can help increase or even extend battery life.

For users who prefer to always keep their system connected, laptop manufacturers recommend setting the maximum charge limit to 80%, so that it can stop charging at this point instead of continuing to charge after full capacity. , which degrades battery life over a period of time. of time. Whether you are using a Windows laptop from HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, MSI or any other brand, you can enable or disable the Adaptive Battery Optimizer which will allow your system to optimize the battery for longer life . Here we have given battery optimization process for HP, Asus and Lenovo.