Best in class battery life and features; Detailed review

Last month, Indian watchmaker Maxima launched a smartwatch called Max Pro Turbo. The smartwatch is priced at Rs. 2,999 and offers features like Bluetooth calling, SpO2 tracking and heart rate measurement. We had a chance to experience the device and split our thoughts into different sections. Overall, the Maxima Max Pro Turbo is one of the best smartwatches in the segment.

Build quality and strap

As soon as someone picks up the Maxima Max Pro Turbo in their hand, they will realize that it has a premium finish. The silver metal chassis around the main screen gives the smartwatch an elegant look while adding durability to the whole structure. Additionally, the display has a curved glass layer that blends well with the edges. The back panel of the smartwatch is made of plastic, which is the case with most budget smartwatches, so no complaints there.

Wearing the watch is a comfortable experience, thanks to the excellent quality silicone straps, which are interchangeable in case anyone wants to experiment with the look of the Max Pro Turbo. Users can wear the smartwatch all day as it is lightweight (it weighs 46 grams with the strap). Plus, since it has an IP67 rating, users can wear it while doing their evening cardio or working out at the gym. Overall, in terms of build quality, the smartwatch is among the best in its segment.


The Maxima Max Pro Turbo features a 1.69-inch TFT IPS rectangular display with HD resolution. The screen has equal bezels on three sides with a slight chin at the bottom, which is acceptable at its price. Even though it is a large screen, the watch does not extend beyond the wrist. Now let’s talk about display quality. It produces bright and pleasing colors, especially on some full-screen watch faces.

Since the display has a peak brightness of 550 nits, it’s readable even in direct sunlight. Therefore, users will have no problem looking at the screen in direct sunlight, which is unfortunately the case with some of the products in the segment. One thing worth mentioning about the smartwatch is that Maxima has simplified screen brightness adjustment for users. All they have to do is swipe down from the top edge and adjust a slider to adjust screen brightness.

Maxima Max Pro Turbo Display

User interface

Now let’s talk about the smartwatch user interface. As soon as the users press the crown button, they will see the home screen with the watch face they have set. Navigation on the smartwatch is simple and natural. Like on their smartphones, users can swipe down from the top of the screen to open quick settings, including brightness slider, silent toggle, battery saver mode, flashlight and a weather widget . Another button controls the watch’s connection with its companion smartphone. On a daily basis, we should find the brightness slider and the Bluetooth connection buttons very practical.

By swiping right on the home screen, users will open the smartwatch’s main menu, inspired by the App Library on the Apple Watch, where multiple app tiles/icons float in space. Here, users can tap and drag to enlarge thumbnails and open the app of their choice. Additionally, users can control the size of app tiles by rotating the crown on the right side of the screen. It’s good to see a functional crown on a smartwatch in this segment.

By swiping up from the home screen, users can access up to eight notifications from their smartphone, including notifications from messaging and social media apps. Finally, swiping left on the home screen will scroll users through menus like Activity that shows step count, sleep, and other health monitoring features. Overall, Maxima Max Pro Turbo’s user interface feels natural and easy to move around.

Maxima Max Pro Turbo

Health monitoring functions

First, the watch can measure users’ steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. The second menu shows users how much sleep they have taken while wearing the smartwatch, dividing it into light and restorative sleep. When it comes to heart rate and SpO2 tracking, the smartwatch is one of the best devices available in the market. Compared to an oximeter, the readings on the device were generally decent, sometimes differing by a point or two.

Nevertheless, no smartwatch provides an absolutely accurate reading of heart rate and SpO2 levels as they use optical sensors to measure vital signs from outside the body. The Maxima Max Pro Turbo has multiple sport modes including walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, soccer, climbing, tennis, golf, yoga and bowling. However, it does not have built-in GPS to track the location of workouts.

Below is an image of a workout that was measured using three smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is considered one of the best smartwatches at its price point. As seen in the image, the number of steps measured by the Maxima Max Pro Turbo and the steps of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 are quite close.

Maxima Max Pro Turbo Health

Call quality

The Maxima Max Pro Turbo supports Bluetooth calling and has a dedicated menu that contains a dial pad, recent call log and favorite contacts, which can be added using the SmartFit app. The smartwatch is fully capable of making and receiving calls when connected via Bluetooth with the companion smartphone. When making calls on the smartwatch, receivers did not complain about call quality, voice clarity or loudness. Although the watch speaker is loud, users may need to hold it closer to their ears in a noisy environment. To receive calls, you need to connect the smartwatch using the Bluetooth setting and from the app.

Battery life and charging

This is another aspect where the watch delivers. The Maxima Max Pro Turbo claims to offer a battery life of up to 10 days without the call function and up to three days with the call function. In use, the smartwatch lasted around six to seven days on a single charge while taking short calls once or twice a day and manually measuring heart rate and SpO2 levels. However, battery life might decrease if users enable automatic heart rate monitoring.

Considering the price, the effective battery life is good. The smartwatch call function, not only on the Maxima Max Pro Turbo but on all smartwatches, is designed to help the user when their smartphone is not within reach. Charging the device takes about two hours with the charger in the box.

Maxima Max Pro Turbo sensor

Maxima SmartFit App

Users can download the Maxima SmartFit app from the Google or Apple app to personalize their smartwatch. The app allows users to view all metrics in one place and customize the watch face, enable or disable multiple settings such as Quick View (wrist life display when waking up) and more. Additionally, the smartwatch can sync with the app to show all the notifications the user receives. The application does not take up much space and is easy to use.


The Maxima Max Pro Turbo is available on Amazon for Rs. 2,999. At this price, the smartwatch is stiff competition for models from companies like Noise and Boat. There are four colors to choose from in total, including Silver Grey, Jet Black, Gold Black, and Army Green.


The Maxima Max Pro Turbo is a decent smartwatch for the price it comes with. Those on a tight budget looking for a lightweight yet capable smartwatch should go for the Maxima Max Pro Turbo. The smartwatch is made in India and comes with a charger and some manuals.

Image: Republic World